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Lady Nowe

A brand combining cannabis, education, plant based nutrition, conscious conversations, coaching, yoga, community and lifestyle all in one space!

I know what it's like to find yourself looking for answers to cannabis, health and life but don't know where to start. You are feeling overwhelmed by information and feel helpless from too much outside influence on sigma or misguided information. LadyNowe is designed to bring ease to your transformation, healing, feelings and questions you want to ask. Here you will also find clarity, truth, love, empowerment and spiritual guidance.

It's time to live your life from your soul with purpose, presence and with your whole Heart. YOU are meant to feel GOOD! The only moment is the present moment and that moment is right NOWe! It's time to feel good.

Right. NOW.

Cannabis Basics

Conscious Cannabis Yoga

Anxiety Free Dog Tinctures

April 28, 2019

By: Shar Lise featured in Levo


LadyNowe: Confessions of a Cannabis Coach

April 28, 2019

Featured in BBlunt Daily


My Journey to Cannabis, Healing and Working with those Living with PTSD

April 28, 2019

LadyNowe featured on Cannabis forBreakfast 


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Online Courses

Quiet Desk

"Juliane’s style of yoga practice is calming and very grounding.I’ve travelled a lot of Kilometres just to participate in her classes. I find that the deep grounding I experience carries me for days. 
Beyond this, her knowledge of healthy cannabis living is exemplified in her own life."

Shar Lise
Kale & Cannabis 506

"Juliane is one of the most passionate women I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I am proud to call her a friend.
Everything she does has a purpose and comes from a place of love and good intention. Her physical beauty is easily matched by her inner beauty. She’s raw and she’s very real. 
When you meet someone like her, you just know it was meant to be. 
A “Jackie” of all trades. Reiki, yoga, coaching, holistic healing and cannabis education are just a few things that come to mind when I think of her passions. 
Juliane made such an impact on me that I enrolled in the same schooling that she was taking when we first met. 
She is loving, and she is very loved 

Ashley Delaney

"When I first met Juliane a few years ago, I was immediately drawn to her open-hearted personality and her boundless positivity. Now that I've had the pleasure to get to know her both on a personal and professional level, I have a deeper appreciation for her depth and expertise when it comes to what she's passionate about. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will start to see themselves through her eyes, inevitably shining light on areas that have otherwise been left in the shadows. The world is a brighter, more joyful place with her in it."


 Dr. Taryn Deane ND

"I had no idea what to expect from my level 1 reiki training. Juliane made me feel comfortable, at home, and very well taken care of during our evening together. Her expertise on the matter is impressive. Before the learning process, she performed a healing session and I instantly felt warmth and tingles all through my head and hands. Her energy is unbelievable!! After our session, I felt very relaxed and have noticed a new peace within me since. I highly recommend her for all reiki needs!"

Sonia Grant