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Juliane Nowe



My name is Juliane Nowe, founder of LadyNowe and YogaNowe.

I am from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and now live in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

I was always sick as a kid and into my early adult years. Sinusitis, Vocal chord cysts, niguals, scar tissue, infections after infections, colds, asthma and much more. I tried Dr's and Specialists and tried so many pharmaceutical options while avoiding any surgery suggestions.

These ways were not working for me. I would get “better” for a period of time and then have the same symptoms again or I would get worse. It wasn't until I started using Alternative methods of healing that I started seeing and feeling change. It took me years. This journey isn't a quick and easy answer but today I can say that my immune system is stronger, my mind is happier, my vocal chords are healed and my spirit is aligned with my heart.

I have combined my personal experiences, trainings and intuition to create LadyNowe. If you are just starting your journey of awakening or you have started awakening and are now curious about how to step into your full potential by wanting to know how to add more joy, health, plants, cannabis, yoga and more to your life. I am here to answer all of your questions. It can be so overwhelming!

I will make everything easy to understand and will meet you exactly where you!

I am so happy to serve you, work with you and to have you in this community. The more we all awaken, the more we can be in the presence of love and bliss and this will then awaken and help others heal too.

"The Heart Always Wins"

Juliane Nowe