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How I Feel After Two Days of Juicing

February 10, 2019


I’ve done three days of juicing before and found that on the third day from detoxing and cleansing I missed crunching. There wasn’t a particular food I necessarily missed but I missed the feeling and sensation of crunching! I also live a full life so to go teach yoga three times in a day and keep up with my life and passion for living, three days of juicing was too long for me. It would be good if you can stay home for a day or two or if you have a serious health condition than yes- do the three days or more.

I created a two day juice cleanse because it fits perfect in my lifestyle and I know that it will do the same for so many others!

The first day you’re super pumped. I always feel like “I got this!!” I went to the bathroom quite a bit, BUT it felt so clearing and freeing and HEALTHY! I also was thinking...this is me being honest with you...”how do I have this much poop in me and this can not be OK!” I eat really healthy and feel I go to the bathroom on a normal basis, so to anyone that doesn’t go to the bathroom regularly or has any bowel or digestion issues (I used to but now know how to manage all of this)- PLEASE do a juice cleanse regularly

The second day, I could feel the detoxing. I had a slight headache and was craving sugar to the point that I almost felt panicky at one point. I limit sugar in my life
But right after Xmas .. I ate lots of sugar over the holidays and was releasing this craving. When the documentaries say sugar is addicting . Let me tell you first hand- it is extremely addicting and NOT good for you in anyway shape or form.

I also am not too strict. When I was craving the feeling of crunching on the second day I had a handful of rice crackers and a handful of strawberries. Plus all the liquids !

What does the JuiceNOWe cleanse look like ?

6 16oz juices per day (that’s 12 for two days) and 6 16oz glasses of water per day (12 for 2 days)

Mason Jars are the perfect size and most average reusable water bottles are perfect

I just love mason jars so I use them!

What does the day look like?

Morning: juice, water and herbal tea
Mid morning: juice and water
Lunch: two juice and water
Throughout the day: drink the juice and water as you feel you need. Sometimes I need two juice for lunch and other times I don’t.. or I need two at 3pm and two water to flush it toxins
Supper: 1-2 juice and water
Evening: any juice you have left, water and herbal tea

Again- just aim to get all the liquids into ya!

How do I feel after the two days?

ALIVE! My eyes are bright. My skin is glowing!I have way more energy. I feel calm. My head and mind are clear. I feel at peace and at ease. I am so much more aware so I am responding instead of reacting to everything. And my favourite part?!! My intuition and psychic abilities happen super fast. When I start eating solid foods on the third day I’m more conscious about what I’m choosing and why. Another bonus- I still want the juice feeling so I’ll add a juice or two a day every day because it feels so good.

Does the juice take good?

YES! They taste so good and I made the recipes up myself

I am creating a juicing program that will start mid March with a BONUS program that includes yoga, plant based recipes, articles and much MORE all under $100! if you’d like to be the first to know what this is and how you can join JuiceNOWe go here: http://eepurl.com/dyGLOH and add your name and email!

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