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Live The New Way NOWe

Coaching. Yoga. Lifestyle. Channeling. Reiki. Heart Work.

LadyNowe, A brand combining cannabis, education, plant based nutrition, conscious conversations, coaching, yoga and lifestyle in one space! If you find yourself looking for answers to cannabis, health and life but don't know where to start, you are feeling overwhelmed by information and feel helpless from too much outside influence-Lady Nowe has answered your calling! Here you will find clarity, truth, healing and empowerment. It's time to live your life from your soul with purpose, presence and with your whole Heart.

YOU are meant to feel GOOD! The only moment is the present moment and that moment is right NOWe! Ladynowe.com Info@ladynowe.com Podcast: Live The New Way NOWe LiveNowe A space for spouses and caregivers to those living with PTSD where they can find real support, community, advice, Heart healing, male and female energy, love, healing services and serenity. Www.livenowe.com Info@livenowe.com